To prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, most services are now being provided through a secure internet website (telehealth)

Services Provided

Individual Therapy


We focus on identifying life patterns, triggers, and other factors that create or contribute to your symptoms, then we teach you skills to use to overcome or manage them.

Therapist with Client

Family Therapy


Our goal is to create a healthy family system, including improved communication & problem solving, reduced negative emotions, and closer relationships between all family members.

Family Therapy

Couples Therapy


We help you to identify the barriers that prevent you from having the relationship that you desire, then teach new interaction patterns to improve communication, problem resolution, intimacy, caring, and trust.

Couples Therapy

Parent Training


Working with parents is necessary when providing services for children.  We help you to learn effective strategies to improve your child’s behavior problems, motivation, communication & relationship with you.

Father and Son

Behavior Analysis


Sometimes a specialist is needed when behavior problems are severe, when traditional counseling or therapy services have failed, or when traditional counseling/therapy is not appropriate (e.g., low cognitive functioning or limited communication ability).

Behavior Analysis



When problems occur at school, we may need to work with teachers and other school personnel to learn strategies that help your child to become behaviorally, socially, and academically successful.