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Client Resources

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National 211 (a service of United Way) is a 24-hour toll-free, confidential information and support line to help any caller find local health and human services. 

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Change your Medicaid plan: Medicaid Options 888-367-6554


Parenting Resources:


Check the licensure/certification status of your provider: 


Report Child Abuse or Neglect: Online or at 1-800-962-2873 


Report Medicaid waste, fraud, or abuse (online here)

Medicare and Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse affect every American by draining critical resources from our health care system, and contribute to the rising cost of health care for all. The Medicaid program is funded with both state and federal tax dollars. It is designed to pay for health care for low-income and vulnerable Floridians (children, pregnant women, disabled adults and seniors) who need care. When people get benefits they don’t deserve, or when providers are paid for services that were not supplied or services that exceed what is medically necessary, it wastes your tax dollars and takes services away from those who need them. 

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