Mission and Values


To inspire children, adults, and families to find ways of improving their relationships and leading happier, more fulfilled lives.



Adapt strives to maintain a balance among the following:

  • Excellence in client care:  The agency mission, which is to help people live happier lives, is at the forefront 

  • Needs of staff:  Staff who feel valued and supported are more likely to strive for excellence

  • Protection of the agency:  In order to carry out our mission with clients and to provide work for our staff, the agency must be stable and safe.

Company Values: 

  • To improve quality of LIFE: 

    • Lifelong-learning:   Embrace new ways of doing things to get out of any ruts not working for you.

    • Integrity:  Be honest and fair in all dealings with people and organizations.

    • Frugality:  Always use resources efficiently and avoid wastefulness.

    • Effectiveness:  Get meaningful results with proven practices.

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