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These are quotes from Client Satisfaction Surveys completed at the end of treatment:


  • "The staff and the services received were great and have been a great help to the family."

  • "Always available, always concerned and connecting, amazing! 10/10!

  • [Clinician] has changed our lives. We would never be where we are without her."

  • "She is very helpful to me and the changes in [client] is amazing."

  • "[Clinician] has provided my husband and I with a strong boost in our relationship. Our marriage and communication skills have greatly improved. Thank you!"

  • "My son now can go to school & family outings without having a behavior issue."

  • "She is very positive & uplifting. I'm more that appreciative of she has done for our family."

  • "[Clinician] is honest practical and real! Both my son and I adore her. She reaches us in a true client centered experience."

  • "I have recommended [clinician] after seeing what she did with my family with a previous placement. What an inspiration it was to learn that parenting is not something I didn't have in me, just some things needed to be learned!"

  • "I love the support I get from the services I get with my child. It help me deal with so many things that I now know how to deal with. I will recommend this agency to other people who are in need of help. Thank you very much."

  • "[Clinician] has been a blessing in our home. So many things have changed with my son since her services started. I learned a lot from her."

  • "I can't begin to tell you how much the change has helped me with [client]. We simply adore [clinician]. She is awesome, any family she helps is lucky to have her."

  • "I'm so satisfied with [clinician]. She helped me learn how to deal with my son’s issues. I'm so glad she came to our lives. My son is so much better now."

  • "[Clinician] has truly helped me and my children immensely. She has provided stability and helped me with confidence and my self-esteem!"

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