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Continuing Education

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We apologize for the confusion in this year's MH/PSY CEUs.   

If you were not able to access the complete list of approved talks, they are listed below:

Wednesday, 9/29/2021

  • Workshop02: A Practical Guide to Using the Supervision Handbook

  • Workshop03: Training Teams to Be Ethically Fit at Every Level: RBTs to BCBAs . . .

  • Workshop04: Assessment and Treatment of Children with Emotional & Behavioral Disorders

  • Workshop05: Bringing Solution Focused Language & Ideas When Working with Families with Autism

  • Workshop08: Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Strategies for Approachable & Accessible Communication with Educators

  • Workshop12: Training on the use of a Reinforcement-Based Treatment Package to address Picky Eating

  • Workshop11: Assessment Tools for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Choosing . . .

  • Workshop13: Reviewing Supervisees' Behavior Programs for Dangerous & Challenging Behaviors

  • Workshop14: Using Adaptive Assessments Ethically in Behavior Analytic Practice

  • Workshop16: Engineering Schools and Clinics for Student and Client Success

Thursday, 9/30/2021

  • #21 Machine Learning to Improve Practice and Research: A Series of Three Applications in Behavior Analysis

  • #25 The Application of Applied Behavior Analysis to the Juvenile Justice Field

  • #26 J-DEI and ABA: A Justice-Centered Approach to Expanding Applied Behavior Analysis in Public Health Option 3

  • #32 Toward an Applied Technology of Conditioned Reinforcement

  • #33 Assessment and Treatment of Behavior Disorders: The Next 40 Years?

  • #43 A Behavioral Coaching Toolbox of Essentials for Creating Sustainable Improvement in Schools

  • #46 Creating the right environment for success

Friday, 10/1/2021

  • #53 Training Staff Working with Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Inpatient Settings Using the ECHO Model

  • #57 From Baselines to Phase Lines: The State of Behavior Analysis in Florida's Agency for Persons with Disabilities

  • #58 Ethical Issues in Using Standardized Decision-making to Inform Professional Practice Option 3

  • #61 Engineering Schools and Clinics for Student and Client Success

  • #63 Company-wide Implementation of a Parent Training Curriculum

  • #70 Special Paper Session: ABA in Education

  • #74 Informing ABA on Trauma-Informed Care: Crisis Evaluations, Ethical Implications, and Practice Applications

  • #75 Beyond the Task List: Preparing Your Supervisee for the Real World

  • #76 Using Behavioral Skills Training to Teach Sexual Assault Reporting Skills to University Students

  • #78 Private Events in Behavior Analysis: A Review of Studies Investigating Emotion

  • #79 Efficient Approaches for Disseminating Behavior-Analytic Procedures to Non-Behavioral Professionals

  • #80 Context is Key: Using the Contextual Variable Analysis and Planning Tool to Improve Treatment Outcomes

Saturday, 10/2/2021

  • #85 Compassionate Care in Applied Behavior Analysis - How Our Past can Inform Our Future as Leaders in Compassionate Care

  • #87 From Business Opportunity to Behaviors: Selecting Meaningful Pinpoints for Your OBM Project

  • #89 Integrating Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Promoting Collaboration between Behavior Analysts and Medical Personnel

  • #94 Can Behavior Analysts Behave Ethically?

  • #96 Advances in Understanding and Treatment of Automatically-Maintained Self-Injurious Behavior

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